Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hangover cures ...

Here are just a few from the list….

Peel a goat's head and put it in a pot, covering it with water. Add vegetables and spices appealing to your taste and boil it for four to twelve hours. To cure your hangover, drink the broth then crack the goat skull open and eat the brain

Stick a lemon slice in your armpit or ­ better yet, ­ in your ass

Beer mixed with clam juice

Two drops of tobasco on your tongue tip followed by the baby formula Pedialyte

Get two bananas and two cans of your favorite cola. Immediately after you wake up, eat a banana as fast as you can and do ten jumping jacks. Then, quickly, drink one can of cola, slamming it without stopping, followed by five more jumping jacks. Repeat with the second banana and second cola

Drink one glass of cold milk, then eat five teaspoons of ketchup and some tobasco hot sauce

Eat raw cabbage, pickled pigs feet and drink a diet cola...near a bucket...if you know what we mean

Eat a pickled sheep's eye in a glass of tomato juice
The complete list :

I think these are punishments for drinking in the first place and I think I’d just prefer the hangover!!

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